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VePAL MX+ Key Features. Platform Highlights. Dual Port Handheld Ethernet Test Set - PDF

Greater battery autonomy provided in standby mode Supports advanced IP testing: Service Level Agreements SLA thus compel service providers to measure network throughput and other performance characteristics to ensure that bandwidth associated with different service types conform to customer expectations. In these circumstances for example, the service provider must determine whether the poor performance is associated with it s own or the customer network. Long-term monitoring of bandwidth utilization and errors is possible with pass through mode and an overall assessment of the integrity of the network is possible with the Netwiz feature.

The BER test can be configured to use regular PRBS test patterns, stress patterns or user defined test patterns to simulate various conditions. All patterns are encapsulated into an Ethernet frame to verify bitper-bit performance of circuit under VeEX CX110+ Network Tester. RFC Compliance Testing Performs the RFC automated test suite at all recommended frame sizes including user configurable frame sizes and up to full line rate. Thresholds may be configured for accurate SLA assurance and verification.

The automated tests supported are throughput, latency, frame loss, and back-to-back frames. One traffic stream is transmitted across the network under test and bit-per-bit error VeEX CX110+ Network Tester is then performed on the received traffic. Service disruption measurements as well as CRC error checking are also performed.


The BER test can be performed with a physical loop or plug at the far end for a layer 1 circuitor a second test unit or intelligent loopback device in Smart Loop or in Peer-to-Peer VeEX CX110+ Network Tester. This traffic feature, simulates multiple service conditions e. Triple Playand facilitates end-to-end QoS performance verification.

VeEX CX110+ Network Tester multiple stream throughput test may be performed with a second test unit at the far end in Smart Loop mode or Peerto-Peer mode. The local device will control the operation of the far end device, in either loopback or peer-to-peer mode or symmetrical or asymmetrical traffic generation mode.

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This feature greatly simplifies field testing since there is no need for a second technician to be at the far end configuring the test partner device. Smart Loopbacks Four modes are available for looping back test traffic. At Layer 1, all incoming traffic is looped back unaltered.


For Layer 2, all incoming unicast traffic is looped back with the MAC source and destination addresses swapped. This feature allows for the discovery of IEEE Delay and Jitter Measurements Frame delay and frame delay variation - Jitter measurements are performed on the test traffic during BER tests or throughput tests.

VePAL MX120+ Key Features. Platform Highlights. Dual Port Handheld Ethernet Test Set

Storage Are s SANs have evolved to improve availability, resiliency, performance, modularity and geographical distribution of data storage systems and Fiber Channel is an important technology for linking SANs together. An operational IP backbone Layer 2 or Layer 3 topology capable of delivering the required bandwidth for Fiber Channel applications is an absolute pre-requisite. Did data arrive error free or were any bit errors encountered? Was the CRC corrupted or were any code violations experienced? Testing the transport layer is crucial and normally includes the FC-0 layer, FC-1 layer and parts of the FC-2 layer where: FC-0 addresses the physical layer: VeEX CX110+ Network Tester addresses the signaling protocol layer, VeEX CX110+ Network Tester comprises the framing protocol and the flow control process.

VeEX CX+ – Network Test Online by Frame

User defined bytes, fixed test patterns or industry-standard PRBS patterns can be selected and inserted into the payload field depending on test layer. Buffer-to-Buffer Credit Estimation - to avoid loss of frames during transmission, the Fibre Channel VeEX CX110+ Network Tester uses a buffer-to-buffer flow control mechanism between link partners. During the login process, the remote node informs the local node as to the number of receive buffers it has available.

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The standard practice for a 1Gbps Fibre Channel link is to allow 1 VeEX CX110+ Network Tester credit for each 2km of distance. Test Traffic Analysis Graphical representation of Frame type, Traffic type and Frame size provide a useful snapshot of incoming test traffic.

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Round Trip Delay RTD measurement, a VeEX CX110+ Network Tester parameter for delay sensitive applications such as Fiber Channel is only a tab away while optical power can be checked quickly in the signal tab. Dedicated result tabs display individual measurements for easy viewing and fast troubleshooting. CX+ DISCONTINUED. CATV network testing simplified. A next generation CATV installer meter to characterize and measure Analog and Digital video.

VeEX develops innovative test and measurement solutions for next generation communication equipment and networks. Founded in April by test and.

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