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I get roughly to frames per second in League of Legends with everything AOC 2470W1 the highest detail setting.

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AOC 2470W1 So I thought, what could push her? So I thought, yeah get Skyrim on and mod it to the hilt! That should bring her to her knees, right? Well, not so much. As I am writing this Tomb Raider is AOC 2470W1 as that or perhaps Sleeping Dogs is the most graphically intensive game I own. I ran the Valley benchmark and got about 65 or 67 FPS at stock, so it seems Jez has a lot more room to be pushed!

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Wow computing and graphics have come a long way. So, indulge me if you will as I take a trip down memory lane and revisit all my old graphics card AOC 2470W1 days gone by.


This was my first discrete graphics card. I finally got a new PC in university and managed to fit it in that.

By now of course the Geforce family was in its fourth generation, so although I could game on the card it was already becoming long in the tooth. Still, it ran games like Unreal Tournament and Diablo 2, so I was content. It provided a sufficient upgrade to my Geforce, and allowed me to play graphically intensive games like Need for Speed Underground, GTA: San Andreas and Max Payne. I remember it being a significant upgrade that stood me in good stead AOC 2470W1 a while. I remember getting Battlefield and this card was just NOT able to cope with it at all. I still played the game, but it ran like a Powerpoint Presentation.

This was my first mainstream gaming card in a long while. Enemy Territory: Tiberium Wars. I even managed to play Crysis on it, of course with settings turned way down. But the game I got the most out of on this card was undoubtedly Team Fortress 2. It ran so smoothly! This card was and perhaps still is my favourite graphics card of all time.

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I was able to squeeze so much extra performance out of it that it was unreal. I threw Crysis AOC 2470W1 it and for once my graphics card was the winner!

Space restrictions in London being what they are my next two machines were laptops. AOC 2470W1 played tons of games such as League of Legends, but this card managed to see me through the wilds of Skyrim, the post apocalyptic scarefest of Left 4 Dead and other seriously fun multiplayer games such as Heroes and Generals and War Thunder.


The m which I still have was slightly more powerful, and able to play AOC 2470W1 3 and Tomb Raider at medium to low detail. Holey moley is this card powerful. Not even once. I checked the temperature it was running at after about three hours of gaming and it was sitting on 42 degrees only. My word! They reinstalled when I restarted the computer and everything works like it should now. Thanks for all the help.

ESWHE. Intelligent performance, brilliant viewing.

AOC 2470W1 monitors drivers

AOC 2470W1 wall mountable Full HD monitor comes with digital HDMI as well as analogue VGA input options. AOC W1 drivers were collected from official websites of manufacturers and other trusted sources. Official driver packages will help you to restore your AOC.

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