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Published by Oxford University Press.


This Asus AS-D760 has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Protein—protein interactions are central to almost any cellular process. There is a clear interest in identifying hot spots because of its application in drug discovery and protein design.

Asus AS-D760 User Manual

Hot spots have been annotated using a new and highly accurate computational method developed in the lab. Besides browsing and querying the contents of the database, extensive documentation and links to relevant on-line resources and contents are available to users. The reason is that proteins catalyze complex biochemical reactions and are responsible of coordinating intricate cellular tasks; therefore they act as highly Asus AS-D760 complexes rather than Asus AS-D760 isolated entities. Indeed, protein—protein interactions PPIs underlie most of the reactions that take place in cells and make life possible.

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The concept of hot spot originates from the seminal work by Clackson and Wells 1 and subsequent research which proved that most of the binding energy associated to a given PPi can be ascribed to a small set of complementary interface residues that contribute the most Asus AS-D760 the binding energy, i. The study and identification of hot spots in protein interfaces is an important and relevant question that has clear applications in drug discovery 2 and protein design. However, experimental techniques including Alanine scanning 3Alanine shaving 4 or residue grafting 4are lengthy, labor intensive and costly.

Computational tools, such as our recently described Presaging Critical Residues in Protein interfaces PCRPi method 5 can be used to assist and complement experimental efforts. Under benchmark conditions, PCRPi delivered highly consistent and accurate predictions of hot spot residues in protein interfaces 5thus justifying its use as predictive tool. PCRPi-DB is a public repository of computationally annotated hot spots in protein complexes for which the 3D structure is known. To date PCRPi-DB archives 68 protein structures protein chainsof which 90 protein chains have been annotated, amounting to 4 interface residues. PCRPi-DB features a clear and intuitive web interface that allows users to search and retrieve data easily and conveniently. Furthermore, PCRPi-DB is cross-linked to several major databases thus increasing the range of information offered to users.

PCRPi Interface residues that are located in a hot spot present certain characteristics that are specific to them. Asus AS-D760 have been exploited for predictive purposes including energy i.

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Although these descriptors are useful, it was shown that individually they cannot unambiguously define hot spots 7. PCRPi 5 overcomes this limitation by combining a set of seven different measures that account for energetic, structural and evolutionary information into a common probabilistic framework by using Bayesian Networks BNs 8. Moreover, in a head-to-head comparison with other available computational tools using the same test set, PCRPi predictions were superior in terms of precision, recall and F1-scores 5. Naive BNs assume that measures are independent whereas expert BNs allow conditional dependence between input measures. The distinction was made due to the fact that antigen—antibody complexes do not have a common evolutionary history and therefore evolutionary-based measures are of no use.

More information about the structure of the BNs and the composition of the training sets can be found in the help pages of the server or in the original publication describing the method 5. Data are stored in a relational MySQL database whose design was optimized to provide a fast and optimal access to the information. It makes extensive use of Asus AS-D760 and internal keys and cross-references between tables. The MySQL server runs in a dedicated computer that also mirrors all external databases that are required during the updating and annotation process, e. PDB 6.

As a general rule, table headers, icons and other elements shown in web pages are active, i. Besides, there is an extensive documentation and explanations about contents, annotation process and the use Asus AS-D760 PCRPi-DB in the help pages.

However, annotations are restricted to protein complexes solved by X-ray crystallography with a crystal resolution better than 3. Also, proteins are filtered by size i. Prior Asus AS-D760 annotation, protein structures undergo a set of checks.


The atomic coordinates of non-standard amino acids [with the exception of selenomethione MSE that is converted into Asus AS-D760 MET ], and non-protein molecules e. DNA are discarded.

If atoms present alternative locations, then only the first location or rotamer is kept. Also, residues having insertion codes are structurally superimposed and discarded if structurally equivalent. Missing main- Asus AS-D760 side-chain atoms are added using Maxsprout 10 and Scwrl 4. All these steps ensure the quality of protein structures and minimize the errors associated to the computational estimation of changes in binding energy i.

Asus AS-D Manuals

ASUs represent the smallest unit of the crystal whereas BIOUs are believed to represent the functional assembly of proteins in vivo. Differences include: Interfaces extracted from BIOUs and are annotated as: The NCBI reference sequences RefSeq database 12used during the annotation process to cull homologous sequences to derive sequence profiles, is also weekly updated prior to annotation. The entire update process is fully automated and predictions are submitted to a computer farm, therefore the entire annotation process and upload of new data to the MySQL server is done within few hours after the release of new protein structures. Up-to-date information about database contents and date of last update is presented in the home page.

The first approach is by simply providing the PDB identification code of the protein complex of interest in the text box embedded in the top menu Figure 1 A. In this case, users should enter or upload the protein Asus AS-D760 raw or FASTA format only and, if required, an E-value, cut-off value and substitution matrix can be selected in the advanced option menu Figure 1 Asus AS-D760.

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The server will return a list of target proteins sorted by the E-value. AS-D(AS-D). Select Other Model.

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