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Most modern CPUs are microprocessors, meaning they are contained on a single integrated circuit chip.


An IC that contains a CPU may contain memory, peripheral interfaces, other components of a computer; some computers employ a multi-core processor, a single chip containing two or more CPUs called "cores". Array processors or vector processors have multiple processors that operate in parallel, with no unit considered central. There exists the concept of virtual CPUs which are an abstraction of dynamical aggregated computational resources. Early computers such as the ENIAC had to be physically rewired to perform different tasks, which caused these machines to be called "fixed-program computers". Since the term Asus EB1501U NEC USB 3.0 is defined as a device for software execution, the earliest devices that could rightly be called CPUs came with the advent of the stored-program computer; the idea of a stored-program computer had been present in the design of J.

It was the outline of a stored-program computer that would be completed in August EDVAC was designed to perform a certain number of instructions of various types; the programs written for EDVAC were to be stored in high-speed computer memory rather than specified by the physical wiring of the computer. This overcame a severe limitation of ENIAC, the considerable time and effort required to reconfigure the computer to perform a new task. EDVAC, was not the first stored-program computer.

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Early CPUs were custom designs used as part of a sometimes distinctive computer. However, this method of designing custom CPUs for a particular application has given way to the development of multi-purpose processors produced in large quantities; this standardization began in the era of discrete transistor mainframes and minicomputers and has Asus EB1501U NEC USB 3.0 with the popularization of the integrated circuit.

The IC has allowed complex CPUs to be designed and manufactured to tolerances on the order of nanometers. Both the miniaturization and standardization of CPUs have increased the presence of digital devices in modern life far beyond the limited application of dedicated computing machines. Modern microprocessors appear in electronic devices ranging from automobiles to cellphones, sometimes in toys. While von Neumann is most credited with the design of the stored-program computer because of his design of EDVAC, the design became known Asus EB1501U NEC USB 3.0 the von Neumann architectureothers before him, such as Konrad Zusehad suggested and implemented similar ideas; the so-called Harvard architecture of the Harvard Mark Icompleted before EDVAC used a stored-program design using punched paper tape rather than electronic memory.

Asus EeeBox PC

The key difference between the von Neumann and Harvard architectures is that the latter separates the storage and treatment of CPU instructions and data, while the former Asus EB1501U NEC USB 3.0 the same memory space for both. Relays and vacuum tubes were used as switching elements; the overall speed of a system is dependent on the speed of the switches.

In the end, tube-based CPUs became dominant because the significant speed advantages afforded outweighed the reliability problems. Most of these early synchronous CPUs ran at low clock rates compared to modern microelectronic designs. Clock signal frequencies ranging from kHz to 4 MHz Asus EB1501U NEC USB 3.0 common at this time, limited by the speed of the switching de Mac Mini The Mac mini is a desktop computer made by Apple Inc. One of four desktop computers in the current Macintosh lineup, along with the iMacMac ProiMac Pro, it uses many components featured in laptops to achieve its small size; the current Mac mini, introduced in Octoberis the fourth generation of the product. First released inthe Mac mini is Apple's only consumer desktop computer since to ship without a display, keyboardor mouse.

Ina third-generation Mac mini became Apple's first computer with an HDMI video port to connect to a television or other display, more positioning the unit as a home theater device alternative to the Apple TV. A server version of the Mac mini, bundled with the Server edition of the OS X operating system, was offered from to A small form factor computer had been speculated and requested long before the release of the Mac mini. Rumors predicted that the "headless iMac" would be small, include no display, would be positioned as Apple's entry-level desktop computer.

Its case measured 2. The Mac mini is an entry-level computer intended for budget-minded customers; until the release, the Mac mini had much less processing power than the other computers of the Macintosh lineup.


Unlike regular desktop computers, which use standard-sized components such as 3. With the choice of components on the older models, the machine was considered somewhat slower than standard desktop computers, it had less storage and memory than comparable desktops.

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However, the upgrade addressed many of these previous complaints. In general, the Mac mini has been praised as a affordable computer with a solid range of features.

However, many agree that it is costly for a computer aimed at the lower segment of the market. It is possible to buy small computers at the same price with faster processors, better graphics card, more memory, more storage; the small size Asus EB1501U NEC USB 3.0 made the Mac mini popular as a home theater solution. In addition, its size and reliability has helped keep resale values high. On October 22,Apple introduced a new server version of the Mac mini along with revisions of the computer; this model had a second hard drive instead of an optical drive, was marketed as an affordable server for small businesses and schools.

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It included an internal power supply. The Server model was upgraded to a quad-core Intel Core i7 processor. Quad-core i7 CPUs were used in the late desktop Mac mini computers. On October 30,Asus EB1501U NEC USB 3.0 four years, the Mac mini got a refresh.


This shows Apple's trend back toward user-upgrade-ability in their desktop models; the storage was changed to a baseline GB of flash storage, with a max of 2 TB. The Bluetooth was upgraded to the 5.

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