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ASUS N10Jc Review

The graphics performance beat out any other mini-notebook and even some ultraportables. By comparison, the Gigabyte M holds the highest score in the category, with a transfer rate of During testing, the N10Jc got a bit hot on the underside of the unit, measuring about 99 degrees. The rest of the system, including the keyboard and touchpad, were not noticeably warm. That's just around the Eee Asus N10Jc Netbook Intel 's runtime of 4 hours and 38 minutes with a six-cell battery, but it's far behind the Samsung NC10's 6 hours and 34 minutes. The button to activate this feature is located just above the keyboard to the right.

With discrete graphics enabled, the N10J's battery life decreased to 3 hours Asus N10Jc Netbook Intel 49 minutes. Both are higher than the mini-notebook averages of During our day-to-day Web activities, the N10Jc maintained a strong link; streaming music over Slacker was fluid, and video clips streaming on Hulu. Considering it's aimed at business users, we wish the N10Jc was available with a mobile broadband option, or at least equipped with the hardware components to support the capability at a later date.


The N10 has the form factor of a netbook, allowing for maximum portability, while trying to be a full laptop. It includes switchable graphics to change from performance mode to power-saving mode.

It's almost as though Asus has put all of its eggs in a single basket - so the question is, did it Asus N10Jc Netbook Intel any along the way? Overall, the N10J is solid with a good deal of flexibility and it contains a swag of useful features that should make it high on the list of netbook choices for those who want a modicum of power and excellent battery life.

Specifications and Features - ASUS N10JC: the Netbook Goes Corporate

The switchable graphics help with versatility, but ultimately not that many people need the extra power in this form-factor. Preis zufriedenstellend Single Review, online available, Long, Date: It is simply designed as squarish black colored DVD external writer. This is first device, in this class, that is shipped with optical device as standard accessory and with it ASUS N10J can be characterized as very versatile and unique product. One layout decision that irks me is the second function key located Asus N10Jc Netbook Intel to the direction pad. On most keyboards the outermost keys on the second row are both shift keys, making it easy to blindly aim your fingers all by feel. The N10 moves the left shift key inwards, and with it already being condensed in size, makes it difficult to find while typing.


The sharp edge key design is another element which I would have preferred ASUS not use, Asus N10Jc Netbook Intel I found the rounded edge design on the Eee PC to be more comfortable. The pad surface is glossy, sharing the same color as the shell of the netbook. The large size makes it easy to move about the screen without having to pick up your finger to backtrack.

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Sensitivity is great with a wide range of adjustment and there Asus N10Jc Netbook Intel no noticeable lag found during use. Above the keyboard are buttons for toggling between high-performance and battery-saving modes, turning the computer on, and launching a draggable zoom box that can magnify on-screen text up to three times. Keyboard and Touchpad The spacious keyboard on the N10J-A2 is among the better ones we've used on a netbook.

The panel is firm, with no flex, and the keys are nicely proportioned; however, as with the N10Jc we tested, the right Shift key is shrunken, which may annoy touch typists. A scroll panel runs down the right side of the touchpad, but it felt overly sensitive.

ASUS N10J-A2 Review

The metal buttons are roomy, quiet, and easy to press. Asus N10Jc Netbook Intel between them is a fingerprint reader. Although mastering the finger swipe took about ten tries, we had no problems thereafter. Display and Audio The Clips from Saturday Night Live on Hulu.

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The x pixel resolution was sufficient; we didn't have to do any horizontal scrolling, and did less vertical scrolling than with netbooks whose resolution is x The glossy finish didn't stop us from enjoying comfortable viewing angles when dipping the screen forward and watching from the side though severe degree viewing angles were a stretch. The N10J-A2's Altec Lansing speakers produced sound that was louder than your average netbook's, but still not quite what you'd expect from a larger notebook. ASUS N10JC Specifications. Processor, Intel Atom N (single-core GHz K with Hyper-Threading). Chipset, Intel GSE + ICH7M-U. The N10 offers similar features to Asus N10Jc Netbook Intel netbooks, including an Intel Atom platform and WSVGA screen, but with the addition of optional.

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