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It allows aio poll to work without any additional context switches, unlike epoll.

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A new kernel polling interface Code: Overlayfs memory usage improvements When users of overlayfs eg. This means that some actions, eg.


This release allows to delay copy up of Asus PCI-SCU3 Following the previous example, doing chown on whole image directory tree won't trigger a copy of the file's data, containers will continue sharing the page cache. For instructions on Asus PCI-SCU3 to turn on this feature, see the documentation.


This release also properly implements regular file operations for overlayfs, removing several hacks and allowing proper Asus PCI-SCU3 of read-only open files with copy-up, possibility to implement fs modifying ioctls properly, and others. Overlayfs can now act as a POSIX compliant filesystem with some features turned on, for more details see the documentation Code copy up medata only: It is a experimental project, under the staging directory, Asus PCI-SCU3 still expects to make changes to the on-disk layout.


It also Asus PCI-SCU3 VLE compression support, focusing on random read improvements, keeping relatively lower compression ratios, which is useful for high-performance devices with limited memory and ROM space. Better protection in sticky directories eg.

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The purpose is to make data spoofing attacks harder. It allows a user to specify the amount of CPU cache Asus PCI-SCU3 that an application can fill, it isolates that region of the CPU cache and 'locks' it.

From that point on will only serve cache hits. The cache Asus PCI-SCU3 memory is made accessible to user space where an application can map it into its virtual address space and thus have Asus PCI-SCU3 region of memory with reduced average read latency. The locking is not perfect and gets totally screwed by WBINDV and similar mechanisms, but it provides a reasonable enhancement for certain types of latency sensitive applications. Even more fixes for CPU security bugs This release includes the usual round of patches to deal with the new and exciting CPU security bugs: It's a hardware vulnerability which allows unprivileged speculative access to data which is available in the Level 1 Data Cache.

ASUS PCI-SCU3 — Drivers Guide

For more details, read this LWN article: Meltdown strikes back: Add protection against userspace-userspace spectreRSB x Implement an algorithm choice for Wound-Wait mutexes commit task scheduler: The vt code translates UTF-8 strings into glyph index values and stores those glyph values in the screen buffer. Because there can only be at most glyphs, it is impossible to represent most unicode characters. Add a new framework for idle injection, to be used by all of the idle injection code in the kernel in the future commit Allow deferred driver probing to timeout commitcommitcommitcommitcommitcommit driver core: Add a debugfs entry to show deferred devices commit optimization: Take time spent in interrupts into account commit optimization: Copy Asus PCI-SCU3 sub-page last when copy huge page, because it is possible for the application to access the begin of the huge page after copying the huge page, and copying the target sub-page last will keep the CPU caches warm for the app commitcommitcommitcommit Introduce a tiny implementation of cgroup-aware OOM killer, which adds an ability to kill a Asus PCI-SCU3 as a single unit and so guarantee the integrity of the workload.

A new knob for cgroup v2 memory controller is added: The knob determines whether the cgroup should be treated as an indivisible workload by the OOM killer.

If set, all tasks belonging to the cgroup or to its descendants if the memory cgroup is not a leaf cgroup are killed together or not at all. Incoming releases Asus PCI-SCU3 improve this mechanism commitcommitcommit 5.

Block layer FEATURED Introduce blk-iolatency io controller, a latency based io controller for cgroups commitcommitcommitcommitcommitcommitcommitAsus PCI-SCU3commitcommitcommitcommitcommit Separates block layer statistics for discards from writes. These are analogous to the four read and write statistics commitcommitcommitcommitcommitcommit dm integrity: Add the ability to store DM integrity metadata on a separate device. Tracing and perf perf: Add -mcount-nop option support commit tracing: Allow gcov profiling on only ftrace subsystem commit kprobes:PCI-SCU3.

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