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Revert to ASUS-WRT from DD-WRT on the Asus RT-AC68U Router Karim's Blog

It is pretty straightforward and this guide can be Asus RT-AC56R AsusWrt-Merlin as a guide to flash your wireless router firmware to its latest patch without even needing to flash to Asus-Merlin. In other word, it is really safe. The whole image is built using my custom toolchain which turns on support for native pthread.


The bottom line is that if you have an ASUS, you should expect bugs. If you're worried about being exploited via your router, making sure you use a dedicated browser to configure a router and have no other web pages open at the time will help against certain classes of bug, as will logging out immediately after you've finished. Making sure that you know what's being forwarded is also useful, as is turning off UPNP. OpenWRT is a little bit better but people tend not to Asus RT-AC56R AsusWrt-Merlin their routers but has it's flaws for various Asus RT-AC56R AsusWrt-Merlin mostly in the web interfaceas do most of the WRTs.

Chromecast in Isolated Guest Network

I ended up somewhere in the middle with firmware releases and my web interface was again accessible after a router power cycle. After almost a year of stress, I conquered this. I hope this helps somebody else who payed way too much for an unfinished product! Post thread. Partial Integrity I: Partial Availability A: Added detection for iPhone 7 models in networkmap patch by Andrei Coman. Traditional QoS labels were off by one on the Stats page. Adaptive QoS upload stats couldn't be retrieved because qosd seems to be hardcoded to always set up classes on eth0 rather than on the real WAN interface. QoS Statistics page, showing the amount of traffic assigned to each available classes, as well as the current throughput. Charts added to various Traffic Monitor pages.

Hovering over a bar or a pie slice Asus RT-AC56R AsusWrt-Merlin display the exact value for that item. Updated OUI database. There has been no change to MIPS models, due to their older kernel.

Added help popups to various settings that are unique to Asuswrt-Merlin. A few memory leaks in httpd and rc services.

Updated OpenSSL to 1. Added nano 2. Entware users might want to uninstall the Entware version if they had it installed and want to use the built-in version instead. Updated nettle to 3. Revamped the Wireless Log page: Accept up to characters for OpenVPN client's username and password one provider needs Hide the WPA key on the Wireless config Asus RT-AC56R AsusWrt-Merlin, and only reveal it when you click on the field to edit it. Custom config file for igmpproxy wasn't working. After turning off a Guest network, the next visit to the Wireless Settings page would show that guest network's settings instead of the parent band settings Asus bug - FIXED: Numerous memory leaks in the networkmap service.

Potential buffer overrun in the networkmap service. Chrome would try to autofill some fields such as on the DDNS configuration pagewhich could be problematic. Various stability issues with minidlna reverted some of Asus's customizations Merged with GPL Asus RT-AC56R AsusWrt-Merlin The firmware image file format was changed by Asus.

Starting with You can currently downgrade by using Asus RT-AC56R AsusWrt-Merlin Recovery mode, but there's not guarantee that this will keep working in the future. This includes the new file format required for certification purposes. Option on System page to disable the new forced redirection to router. OpenVPN server instances weren't properly reporting if an error occurred at start time. SHA signatures: Latest release: a7cbb6dc56f2d81fde72e4f3f24cccb1 Welcome to the official website for the Asuswrt-Merlin firmware project, a third party alternative firmware for Asus routers, with a special emphasis on tweaks and.


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