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It guides you through a simple process collecting some basic information such as language, time zone, etc.

Драйвера ASUS X201E

It also asked me to create a user account with a password, which is easy enough. From there, I was ready to roll after a reboot. I had no problem adding my wireless network or subsequent networks. I have connected to hidden and enterprise networks without issue.

As long as you know the settings, you get in. If setup ASUS X201EV USB Charger Plus the only consideration, I would say that this laptop is for any user level. The keyboard of the XE has the common "chicklet" style keyboard, and it feels good to type with. It has enough resistance so that it doesn't feel bouncy. However, it is not overly stiff either. The layout is pretty good, yet some may find the lack of dedicated page up, down, etc. They are available through the function key, but I do find that I miss them on ASUS X201EV USB Charger Plus web pages.


The trackpad, on the other hand, has fewer positives. Actually, it is really no worse than most trackpads, and I really think these were invented to promote ASUS X201EV USB Charger Plus sales. The trackpad doesn't have separate buttons, and it just doesn't feel comfortable. However, my biggest gripe with trackpads in general is the accidental touch during typing that sends your cursor to some distant place on the page away from where you intended to type. For serious typing sessions, I use a mouse and disable to trackpad. This does create a tradeoff for portable ASUS X201EV USB Charger Plus. Do I fight through the wonky trackpad or take a mouse with me from conference room to conference room?

Unless you are a die-hard IE fan, you have good options for browsing the web. It was easy to download and install from Google's site. With limited exceptions that I will note in a later sectionit is indistinguishable from using Chrome on a Windows machine.

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It is here that I access both my Gmail and Corporate email, and I also use Evernote to go paperless in meetings. Ubuntu comes with LibreOffice installed by default although there ASUS X201EV USB Charger Plus a couple of other options to try if it is missing your favorite features. Here's the bottom line, though. No matter what you choose, nothing is going to work seamlessly with docx, xlsx, pptx, etc.

Logitech M-UAC113 Mouse SetPointUSB Charger Plus
Asus P5G41T-M LE ChipsetAvailable on

Microsoft doesn't want this to happen, and they have done a good job of keeping things this way. For my purposes, however, I generally only need to be able to view documents on the go, and any MS Office alternative does a good enough job. One last note item in this area is e-mail. There is not an Outlook equivalent in any of the other office suites, and Thunderbird is the default email client. I installed the plug-in, but I ASUS X201EV USB Charger Plus never get it working. This may have as much to do with how my company has exchange setup, but the lack of support for corporate email is nonetheless disappointing. As I mentioned earlier, I have my entire music collection copied to my XE.


The default music player for Ubuntu is Rhythmbox, and it is sufficient for my needs. All the local Asus rep could tell me about Asus USB Charger Plus when quizzed during their short free-advice-after-purchase period was, "Oh, you're better off leaving all our supplied software running. Here's a screencap of the program's options: Looks like the it might be handy, if you could actually change options.

But left, double-left and right clicks on the program icon in the system tray all get no response. The options window popped up only once in the 1. As also experienced by Mr Moonwalker above no it wasn't your fault mate. Oh, and there's no newer version at the Asus website, reinstalling it ASUS X201EV USB Charger Plus help, the program doesn't get a mention in my laptop's manual, ASUS X201EV USB Charger Plus it has no help file provided with it at least Asus is consistent. Introduction of USB Charger +.

USB Charger Plus

Save time charging your portable devices – USB Charger+ can charge your portable devices with a specific  Missing: XEV. Hi, Has anyone else had fun trying to use the USB ports to charge their phone with the laptop off. The only port that works on mine is ASUS X201EV USB Charger Plus one  Missing: XEV.

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