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Jan 17, The Guy Who Sucks At Computers I fixed mine by plugging the cable only halfway or until i was able to hear it correctly. I could only hear the game and not the guy talking. If i were to ASUS X551CA Realtek Audio it in all the way it would break again.


Hope it works for you or anyone else FranciscoLM1 Feb 17,6: Bunnypod Feb 27,6: Hmm so I see that everyone here just put up the same type of solution I have already tried which is make either the Left or Right sound channels on 0 but however I want to have the solution to have the sound work properly with both sound channels, back in December I had the sound working just fine though for some reason it just suddenly stopped working properly I have no idea why anymore and what I have done is basically tried messing with the sound settings on this computer with no solutions I have my enhancements disabled and well i have thought it was kareoke that was messing with it I have no such enhancement I have also tried uninstalling the driver and redownloading it and nothing I have tried to install another one but wouldn't work and when I update the ASUS X551CA Realtek Audio it just gives my old one back the Headphone jack is not loose and the headphones themselves are not damaged so any ideas on what to do to finally be rid of this problem?

Honestly i have been looking for solutions for a while i had problems ASUS X551CA Realtek Audio i plugged it into my jack and then i had to spin it a bit till it worked.

Today however it decided to not work well. When i plug it in i can hear a grainy sound ASUS X551CA Realtek Audio all voice are in a way faded during a video and the background noise of that video is muffled and rough. Though the solution above works it is not the sound i originally had. Now i plugged my headset at the back and it worked perfectly and I also checked to make sure that the sound cable is plugged into my motherboard from the front panel. I have tried it with a number of headphones and the result is the same.

So i have to conclude that it is either something wrong with the jack hole or windows is somehow having a hard time with that particular path way. So if anyone has a solution to bring back surround sound do let us know asap!


I installed windows 10, ASUS X551CA Realtek Audio after a few months without there being a windows update this exact thing happens. When you 'test' your headset under recording devices, right click test. It gives this gritty distorted sound and I have absolutely no clue why.

I tried multiple headsets on the front and back jacks with the same result. The headsets are fine because I have tested them on different computers. At first I used the realtek hd drivers, untill it happened, so I deinstalled those, let windows use their default sound drivers and it was fixed.

SOLVED: ASUS XCA Laptop - Audio/Ethernet/WiFi will not - Fixya

For a few days ASUS X551CA Realtek Audio least. Then the shit hit the fan again so to say. I did a clean w10 install and hoped it would all be better, but nope, the same problem.

This goes on and off again, I mean I was able to play wow skype and watch stream on saturday without problems, but not it's all shitty again. Even when I put my headset on, start the pc you hear this Zzzz, this also happends with reboot. However this did not happen before when everything was fine. I'm using a Hyper Cloud X ASUS X551CA Realtek Audio with default windows drivers atm.


Can anyone here please tell me wtf to do? Sep 17,4: After restarting the computer, it's very slow for about minutes, this is most likely because ASUS X551CA Realtek Audio the unexpected shutdown though. When my desktop was broken, I used my laptop for up to 10 hours a day for two weeks, it didn't crash once.

Asus Realtek Audio Driver for Windows 7 bit Driver - TechSpot

It might just be a coincidence, but I've had it crash 3 times right when plugging in a new device. Today I used a pair of headphones I hadn't used on this computer yet, first it didn't work didn't detectbut after opening Realtek HD Audio Manager it started to work and a few seconds later it crashed. If you have any questions, please be sure to ask. I will try to ASUS X551CA Realtek Audio asap.

ASUS laptop freeze (Windows 10)

Version /07/ MBytes. BIOS (XCA) Fix TSD feedback about the free OS machine cannot enable secureboot feature. Noticeļ¼šPlease check. Free Download ASUS XCA Realtek Audio Driver for Windows 8 bit (Sound Card).

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