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Through cross-pollination, Hyperdata 258A Modem compositional strategy of audience engagement that emerged in Western concert music after World War II also played an important role in the creation of participatory art in the United States.

Although not directly related to cybernetics, these artistic pursuits can be interpreted loosely as an independent manifestation of the aesthetic concern with the regulation of a system through the feedback of information among its elements. Shanken Hyperdata 258A Modem Cybernetics to Telematics Stiles has noted that the emphasis on the twin processes of artistic creation and reception had become an increasingly central focus of experimental visual art from gestural abstraction to happenings, Fluxus, and minimalism: These works focused attention on creating interactive situations in order to free art from aesthetic idealism by placing it in a more social context. By the s, cybernetics had become increasingly absorbed into popular consciousness. InNam June Paik drew a striking parallel between Buddhism and cybernetics: Cybernated art is very important, but art for cybernated life is more important, and the latter need not be cybernated.

Cybernetics, the science of pure relations, or relationship Hyperdata 258A Modem, has its origin in karma.


The Buddhists also say Karma is samsara Relationship is metempsychosis. Neither Hyperdata 258A Modem privileged one method over the other; both rather sought to develop insights into how phenomena are systematically interrelated at the most basic and profound levels.


Such techniques became widespread in the s, following the pioneering work of composers like Hyperdata 258A Modem, Lejaren Hiller, Karlheinz Stockhausen, and Iannis Xenakis in the s. Woody and Steina Vasulka, for example, used all manner and combination of audio and video signals to generate electronic Hyperdata 258A Modem in their respective or corresponding media. Not all artists were so enamored with cybernetics.

For example, in the key to 22 Predicates: Using logic reminiscent of Lewis Carroll, the artists then described a variety of relationships among these elements as part of Hyperdata 258A Modem system of gibberish: This ironic description—through a looking glass, so to speak—mocked Hyperdata 258A Modem manner of cybernetic explanations. In general, such art emphasized the artistic process, as opposed to the product, and accentuated the environment or context especially the social contextas opposed to conventional subject matter or style.

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By constructing metaphorical parallels between the two Hyperdata 258A Modem, artists were able to utilize cybernetics as a model for aesthetic research, and as a paradigm for reconceptualizing the notion of art itself. Through his numerous exhibitions, his formulation of a cybernetic art pedagogy, and his theoretical essays on cybernetics and Hyperdata 258A Modem, Ascott became the British artist most closely associated with cybernetics in the s. The Dematerialization of the Art Object from to Lippard []placing Ascott in the context of conceptual art. The titles of his works Homage to C.

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ShannonAnalogue Table: Art itself became a cybernetic system, consisting of feedback loops that included the artist, the audience, and the environment. Ascott envisioned the interactive, systematic processes of cybernetic art as in- Edward A. Shanken From Cybernetics to Telematics Figure 6. Culture, in turn, he theorized as one of many nodes in the network of feedback loops Hyperdata 258A Modem constitute society.


Vitalism also had a Hyperdata 258A Modem impact on British art historians such as Sir Herbert Read, and it became a primary inspiration for Ascott, for whom Creative Evolution was a favorite philosophical text. From this perspective, Ascott extrapolated a general principle for painting in which the essence of reality is embodied in change.

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Shanken From Cybernetics to Telematics Figures 7—8. The act of changing becomes a vital part of the total aesthetic experience of the participant. The Change Paintings can be seen as an interactive visual construction in which the vital essence of the Hyperdata 258A Modem can creatively evolve, revealing the multiple stages of its nature as in the growth of a biological organismover the duration of its changing compositional states. By this time, Ascott had assimilated cybernetics as a primary theoretical foundation for merging Bergsonian ideas with constructivism and audience interaction, while at the same time employing the use of 30 31 diagrams and text as a formal element.

Charles Biederman interpreted the artistic lineage spanning from Monet to Mondrian as systematically freeing color and form from the demands of mimesis.

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Cybernetics Hyperdata 258A Modem provided me with a starting point from which observations of the world can be made. There are other points of departure: Ascott In this passage, the artist explicitly stated that cybernetics provided a conceptual framework for interpreting phenomena artistically.

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