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That black box and cord pictured to the right is the whole thing.

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It comes in a compact package with a CD containing the necessary software and an installation guide that is out of this world The installation guide is the same dimensions as a CD case and is a whopping eight pages long if you Ambicom GPS-USB the front and back covers. With that said, let me add in a few of the features listed in the published material about the unit and I'll add my own comments as I go. I think redundancy is good. Plug-n-Play GPS: Small footprint integrated high sensitivity antenna with magnetic base: This means that it isn't very big but performs well. It's a true statement per my testing. Low power consumption Ambicom GPS-USB water-resistant: If you don't get it, you don't get it.

I had to laugh when I saw the list of potential applications that was published Ambicom GPS-USB AmbiCom for the unit. There are nine listed potential applications but virtually all of them have to do with navigation. The bottom line for all of them is that if you can have your laptop powered up and secured from movement, and have the AmbiCom GPS Receiver hooked up to it, you can track where you are, where you've been and where you're going. The applications that I wouldn't normally have thought about that caught my eye were Fleet Management, Geographic Surveying, Ambicom GPS-USB use as a Mapping Device. Early civil units had built-in offsets that limited their accuracy for military security reasons until after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Present civilian units operate at the maximum resolution that the technology will allow. Briefly, GPS works with 24 or so medium earth orbit satellites non-geosynchronous to trilaterate with each one it can receive, then combine this and do the math to convert this to latitude, longitude and elevation. When your Ambicom GPS-USB moves, it can track the movement and calculate your speed.

AmbiCom GPS Navigation Receiver GPS-USB - GPS receiver module Specs - CNET

In the case of this PC unit, the mapping application takes this raw information and converts it to some sort of display, depending on your mapping application. Unlike hand-held units, the GPS-USB has no screen or buttons; it is Ambicom GPS-USB driven from your laptop, so you also need a mapping program that can communicate with the GPS.


Let me be blunt - GPS on Ambicom GPS-USB laptop is not practical unless you are willing to spend a lot of time getting it going before using it. This is not a turn-on-ready-to-go setup.

Starting from the ground Ambicom GPS-USB, you must start the computer, wait for a desktop, plug in the GPS, start the mapping software, wait for the application and wait for the GPS to wake up and synchronize to satellites. Cold-start wake up times for the GPS itself are up to a full minute before satellite signals are received and stabilized. If you think driving and dialing a mobile phone is dangerous, just imagine driving while typing and double-clicking.

You simply must have enough time to set everything up before you get in the car and turn the key. If you ever take the time to Ambicom GPS-USB to the Internet and print a map before getting in the car, you can spend the same amount of time starting the laptop, the mapping program and GPS, then get in the car with it working.

Ambicom Gps-usb Driver Download

If you go to unfamiliar places a lot I dothen you will find using the GPS and laptop less treacherous than trying to read a paper map while driving. Mapping programs that use GPS generally give oral instructions while you are driving. This allows you to keep your eyes on the road. The iGuidance program is smart enough to actually call Ambicom GPS-USB the street name when you are approaching it, like a car-based GPS does.

Download Ambicom GPS-USB Rev 2.x Driver

This is helpful when you are approaching an exit that leads to multiple streets. Ambicom GPS-USB circle is present location. The AmbiCom GPS-USB is an inexpensive Global Positioning System (GPS) for Windows based PCs that uses the USB interface.

It features 20 channel satellite. AmbiCom GPS Navigation Receiver GPS-USB - GPS receiver module overview and full product specs on CNET.


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